Featured Projects

Me and a team of two others created this game for the ScoreSpace Jam #10 over the course of three days. We won first overall and scoring highly in all areas. The game consists of dodging enemies that move when you do. You can either go as fast as possible for more points, or take it slow and try to stay alive. I am proud of the visuals done with VFX Graph and the player/enemy movement I did for this game.


Space was made by me and a team of five people, and was created over 48hrs for the GMTK game jam. I worked on the taking the player input and logging keys as well as launching them at asteroids. I was responsible for the systems that managed what keys asteroids got and the tutorial system. I also created the post processing effect that pixelates the screen and other visual effects/particle systems. Overall I am super proud of our team and what we managed to accomplish in 48 hours.

3D/VR Player Movement VR Grappling Gun

Made for: Personal Projects

In this project I worked on building out a character controller and movement mechanics for future use. I also spent time trying to implement a grappling hook and wall running for added depth to the movement. This project I made into a playable virtual reality build so I could test out the technology and how it would mesh with my already built mechanics. I am very pleased with the result and am excited by the future prospects of this project.

Neon Revolution

Made for: Personal Projects

I created this game on my own all of the sprites, scripts, and everything but the music is mine. Neon Revolution is a neon bullet hell style game. I am proud of the visuals and how well the whole game works together.

Looting Lunacy

Made for: Attachment-45 JAM – 1

Me and a partner created this game for the Attachment-45 Jam. This was our first game jam it was a great lesson in keeping a realistic scale and deadlines. The game consists of looking for random objects in a store. I am proud of the game manager I created to control spawning and populating all of the important fields.